Marley Allen-Ash- Toronto Illustrator




I’m Marley Allen-Ash, an illustrator working in Toronto, Canada. I use traditional printmaking and digital media to create illustrations and explore both historical and personal narratives.  In addition to illustration, I enjoy self publishing and zine making and I currently make comics with my collective, Grab Bag Club.  I studied at OCAD University, completing a bachelor of design and majoring in illustration. 

I’m always open to discussing illustration, design or mural jobs. I'd love the opportunity to work with you!

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Clients Include ☆

☆ The Globe and Mail ☆ Lenny Letter ☆ The City of Toronto ☆ Cottage Life ☆ CANADALAND ☆ Narratively ☆ UHNOpenlab ☆ Centre on Drug Policy Evaluation ☆ Choosing Wisely Canada ☆ The Local ☆ Write Journal ☆ XPACE ☆ This Magazine ☆